Cognitive Web Accessibility Assessments: Multi-modality Results

These are aggregate results related to the Multi-modality section of the cognitive Web accessibility assessments.

Section: Modality

  • 20 Web sites have been assessed to date.
  • 20% met the criteria (below) for this section.

Guideline 1

  • Provide content in multiple mediums.
    Video or audio alternatives provide an additional method of perceiving content. A text alternative (captions and/or a transcript) should be provided for video and audio content. Closed captioning, which gives users the option to turn off the captions, is optimal.
  • Of the 20 Web sites to which this guideline applied, 45% met it.

Guideline 2

  • Use contextually-relevant images to enhance content.
    Images can be used to convey or enhance content. Illustration, diagrams, icons, and animations can convey complex information.
  • Of the 20 Web sites to which this guideline applied, 50% met it.

Guideline 3

  • Pair icons or graphics with text to provide contextual cues and help with content comprehension
  • Of the 15 Web sites to which this guideline applied, 53% met it.

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