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Clear Helper Project


The Clear Helper Web site is not ready yet.

When it is, it will teach people how to use Web sites.

It will be as easy to use as it can be.

Making the Clear Helper Web Site Easy to Use

The Clear Helper Web site will have:

  • sentences and words that are easy to understand;
  • a choice to have the text of each page read out loud in a voice;
  • a menu that uses big buttons; and
  • three choices to learn in the easiest way: just text; text and pictures; or videos.

Help from People with Disabilities

From the start of this project, people with disabilities are being asked:

  • what they find hard about using the Web;
  • what they would like to learn about using the Web; and
  • if they would like to help make the Clear Helper Web site easy to use.

Project Creator

John Rochford is making the Web site.

He works for The University of Massachusetts Medical School.

See more about John.

More About The Future Web Site

The latest news about the Clear Helper Web site can be found at:

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