Cognitive Web Accessibility: Web Sites Designed for People with Cognitive Disabilities

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These 69 Web sites, sorted by country, intend to be accessible to people with cognitive disabilities. More will be added to this list. (View a sub-list for people with intellectual disabilities.)

Characteristics Of Web Site Listings

  • The site-sponsoring organizations serve people with cognitive disabilities.
  • The sites incorporate at least one feature described in WebAIM's latest "Cognitive Web Accessibility Checklist".

Selection Criteria

The Web sites are of organizations located in countries where English is a prevalent- or official language.

For the purposes of finding these sites, "cognitive disability" is considered to include Alzheimer's Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Brain Injury, Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia & Dyscalculia) & Mental Illness (Bipolar, Depression & Schizophrenia).


Of organizations that serve people with Alzheimer's Disease, Brain Injury, and/or Mental Illness, few related Web sites have been found that include cognitive-accessibility features. It may be these sites are not designed to be used by their constituencies, but instead by the people who serve them.

The vast majority of the sites found, which did include cognitive-accessibility features, were those of organizations that serve people with intellectual disabilities. They make an apparent effort to be accessible to their constituencies. There is a sub-list just for them, of which most are in England. Note: In The United Kingdom, "intellectual disabilities" are also referred to as "Learning Disabilities" or "Learning Difficulties".

Common accessibility features of these sites include a default-large text size; text-size enlargers; plain language; text-to-speech; contextually-relevant images; and graphics or icons paired with text.

Visit The Clear Helper Blog: Developing best practices of Web accessibility for people with intellectual / cognitive disabilities.