England Organizations that Serve People with Cognitive Disabilities

These are national organizations, located in England, that serve people with cognitive disabilities.

  • The National Autistic Society
    "We are the leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families. We provide information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a better world for people with autism."
  • Clear Thoughts
    "This website aims to cover lots of topics relating to mental health for people who have a learning disability."
  • Headway
    "Headway is a charity set up to give help and support to people affected by brain injury." ... "A network of local Groups and Branches throughout the UK and Channel Islands offers a wide range of services, including rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care."
  • Dyslexia Action
    "... a national charity and the UK's leading provider of services and support for people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties."
  • Working with Words
    "Working with Words makes information easy for people with learning difficulties and people with low literacy."
  • Indigo Dyslexia Centre
    "The Indigo Dyslexia Centre is a progressive, Norwich based registered charity. Our dedicated aim is to help any individual or organisation with any dyslexia related issues."
  • Advance
    "Advance is a group of charitable organisations providing housing, support and employment services to meet the needs of people in the community who have either a learning disability or a mental health problem. Advance started in 1974 with its main offices located in Witney, West Oxfordshire, where we remain today."
  • My Life My Choice
    "We are a self-advocacy organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties in Oxfordshire.
  • West Berkshire Advocacy (WEBCAS)
    "... a charity with offices in Wokingham and Newbury, which promotes independent advocacy services for adults with learning disabilities and multiple disabilities within the unitary authority areas of West Berkshire, Reading Borough and Wokingham District."
  • BATIAS Independent Advocacy Service
    "BATIAS Independent Advocacy Service supports adults (18+) with a learning disability to make informed choices, to speak out and get their wishes heard." ... "BATIAS is a voluntary organisation in Essex, which started in 1994 to provide advocacy services to people living in Basildon and Thurrock. Since then, our service has expanded, to support people who live in Brentwood, Southend, Castle Point and Rochford."
  • Skillnet Group
    "Skillnet Group Community Interest Company is a social enterprise (not-for-profit organisation) working mainly with people with learning difficulties." ... "Our mission is to support people with learning difficulties to speak up, make choices, be heard and taken seriously."
  • Dyslexia House Association
    " The Dyslexia House Association is a web based charity run by volunteers. It has been set up to provide information for people with an interest in Dyslexia." ... "Through our web site we aim to: * Help Dyslexic people of all ages. * Advance the education of dyslexic people. * Help parents, teachers and employers provide a dyslexia friendly environment at home, school and work."
  • The British Dyslexia Association
    "The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) is a national charity and our vision is that of a dyslexia friendly society that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential."
  • Adult Dyslexia Organisation
    "ADO is a national organisation, with wider concerns, run by dyslexics for dyslexics and all those concerned with adults with dyslexia regardless of race, gender or background. ADO advises supports and empowers dyslexic adults, taking account of their particular and very different needs."
  • SpeakingUp
    "Speaking Up provides advocacy services, self advocacy based projects and resources for people with learning difficulties, mental health issues and physical disabilities."
  • Heart n Soul
    "Led by artists with learning disabilities ..." Heart n Soul "... is one of the UK's leading arts organisations. We use our original work to touch and change people's lives. We do this by giving a voice to learning disability culture and putting it at our heart."
  • Central England People First
    "We are run and controlled by people with learning difficulties. We work to improve the lives of all people with learning difficulties. We have learning difficulties."
  • National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities
    "The National Forum works with the Learning Disability Programme Board and has the job of telling the Government how Valuing People is working for people with learning difficulties"
  • Advocate 4 Health
    "We are a group of adults with a learning disability. Some of us prefer to say we have a learning difficulty. Our group is called Advocate 4 Health." ... "We want other people to be healthy. We want everyone to use this website. We want to share ideas!"
    "We are a national charity supporting people with learning disabilities and other vulnerable people who have experienced crime or abuse. We also support their families, carers and professional workers."
  • Respond
    "Respond provides a range of services to both victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse who have learning disabilities and those who have been affected by other trauma. Our services extend to support and training for families, carers and professionals."
  • The National Autistic Society
    "We champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and aim to provide individuals with autism and their families with help, support and services that they can access, trust and rely upon and which can make a positive difference to their lives. Our website includes information about autism and Asperger syndrome, the NAS and its services and activities."
  • Down's Syndrome Association
    "We provide information and support for people with Down's syndrome, their families and carers, and the professionals who work with them. We strive to improve knowledge of the condition. We champion the rights of people with Down's syndrome."
  • British Institute of Learning Disabilities
    Vision: "a society where people with learning disabilities are equal citizens and have access to the support and services they need” ... Mission: "to improve the quality of life for people with a learning disability”.
  • Leeds Advocacy
    "... a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation set up to provide advocacy services for adults with a learning disability in the Leeds metropolitan area." "... purpose is to speak out for people with learning disabilities and help them to speak up for themselves."
  • Connect in the North
    "Connect in the North works to improve services and opportunities for people with learning difficulties." "... Centre for Inclusive Living for people with learning difficulties ...".
  • Through the Maze
    "... Leeds information service for people with a learning disability, their families, carers and other individuals and/or organisations who work with them." "... lots of useful information about events, health, education, jobs, social and leisure activities, holidays and short breaks, housing and support, and much more ...".
  • Torbay Council: Learning Disability
    "Torbay Care Trust is responsible for providing health and adult social care for people in Torbay. The Learning Disability Service aims to improve the quality of life for people with learning disabilities."
  • Plymouth City Council - Support for people with learning disabilities
    "The Learning Disability Partnership provides a wide range of health and social care services that support people with learning disabilities and their families in Plymouth."
  • About us
    "About Us builds on the success of the Gateways IT project using specialised computer equipment, digital cameras and other technology to provide fun, accessible learning. It aims to help learners move towards independence and, for some, to work towards employment."
  • Spot On
    "Spot On is the Directory of Services in South Gloucestershire. It is for people with learning difficulties and their carers."
    "People with learning disabilities working for equal rights" "CHANGE is a leading national equal rights organisation led by Disabled People."
  • Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
    "The website of the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities outlines the charity’s work on learning disabilities including research, social inclusion, family support, service development, policy and our consultancy service. The site offers information and good practice publications and DVDs to download or order online. It provides a range of information on learning disabilities, a daily news service and directories of organisations, websites and events. Website visitors can ask questions and share ideas through our forums, join our mailing list and find out how to support the organisation."
  • Valuing People Now
    "This website is for people with learning disabilities, family carers, learning disability partnership boards, regional programme boards, self-advocacy groups, front line professionals, managers and anyone who works with, or comes into contact with, people with learning disabilities."
  • Learning Disability Devon
    "This website was built in January 2005 so that people with learning disabilities, their families and staff who live and work in Devon and people who are new to the area can find the information they need. The site has been set up so that it is easy to use. People with learning disabilities have helped to design the site and have tested it to see if it is easy for people to use."
  • People First - A Voice For People With Learning Difficulties
    Has an "Easy Read" service for making reports, forms and publications accessible to people with learning difficulties (intellectual disabilities); "... training for groups on self advocacy, sexuality, disability equality ...". More.
  • Mencap
    Supporting people with learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities). Has published guidelines on accessible writing for people with cognitive disabilities.
  • Inclusive New Media Design (INMD)
    "... aims to find ways to include people with intellectual disabilities (or ID) in the WWW. It’s doing this by working with web designers and developers, and talking to them about how to make websites that work for people with intellectual disabilities."
  • The Rix Centre | Innovation for learning disability
    Specializes in developing new media technology and its use by people with intellectual disabilities to improve their lives. Has developed guidelines and procedures for developing Web content by and for people with intellectual disabilities.

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