India Organizations that Serve People with Cognitive Disabilities

These are national organizations, located in India, that serve people with cognitive disabilities.

  • Schizophrenia Research Foundation
    "... a center of repute in rehabilitation and research in disorders of the mind."
  • Depression India Online
    "... our vision is to provide the general public of INDIA with essential fundamental health information about depression that will assist them to better understand depression and other mental illnesses."
  • Indian Head Injury Foundation
    "The mission of IHIF is to build a comprehensive system in India for the prevention and treatment of brain trauma, with particular emphasis on patients suffering from brain injury, and to provide rehabilitation to such patients."
  • Asperger India
    "We want to bring the combined and concerted zeal of affected parents to improve the way Asperger Syndrome is dealt with in India."
  • Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI)
    "An organisation to improve the quality of life of the people with dementia and particularly to raise awareness of the disease."
  • Down's Syndrome Federation of India
    "We, here at the Mathru Mandir, offer day-care services to individuals with special needs, more specifically, to those afflicted by the Down Syndrome."
  • Ummeed
    "Ummeed, meaning ‘hope’, is a non-profit organization set up with the objective of helping some of Mumbai’s most deserving – children with developmental disabilities."
  • Srividhya's Center For Special Children
    Objectives: "To impart self-help and other basic skills to the mentally retarded children. To integrate them with the other normal children in the mainstream. To spread awareness about the facilities available for helping the mentally challenged children. To educate parents and others on the need for providing training and rehabilitation of mentally Retarded Children."

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